A Letter from our Founder, Chet Culver

Dear Friends,

Throughout my life I've worked to give back to the community at large, from my days as a teacher, to the proudest moments of my life serving as the Governor of Iowa. 

While Governor, I had the opportunity to create the Iowa Office of Energy Independence and establish the Iowa Power Fund, two efforts that helped establish Iowa as the renewable energy capital of the U.S. Iowa now produces nearly 20 perent of all of its energy needs from renewable sources.

States across the country are now taking Iowa's lead and investing in renewable energy projects and efforts to cut our consumption of foriegn energy. Great progress has been made with regard to public/private partnerships that persue renewable energy initiatives, but the public at large has been left in the dark about ways they can save energy and money at home or in an apartment.

When my family began the process of finding energy savings in our own home, we realized that finding projects and technology to save energy was harder than it should be. My kids wanted to be involved in the process -- and we wanted to make it fun to find and carryout little weekend projects.

After discussing the idea with other families and friends, I decided to found Stop the Goblin and build a site and community that makes it fun and easy to find ways to save energy and money at home or in an apartment. 

We're going to be giving away affordable technologies for free every month, and we hope that the ideas on this website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest help you and your family save energy and money at home.

Thanks for your support, and for getting involved in important -- and fun -- effort.

Chet Culver