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10 Ideas, 10 Articles, August 19th – High Tech Savings

August 18, 2013 | By: 

Stop the Goblin

This week's 10 Ideas, 10 Articles focuses on many high tech solutions to save energy at home. Many of these high tech solutions are becoming cheaper every month, and more products continue to come online. Don't forget, there is still time to get a chance to win a free smart strip solar charger from BitsLimited -- click here to signup.

One-Stop Energy Saving Article with DOE Ideas -- The Californian put together a helpful article that includes a number of suggestions from the Department of Energy on the best ways to save energy at home, with a focus on optimizing heating and cooling systems, and then some small things that can be done every day to lower energy bills.

Act Wattsmart Video Contest Winners Announced – Rocky Mountain Power held a contest asking people to put together funny home videos explaining how and why they wanted to save energy. You can watch the top four videos here.

Korean Paper Highlights Energy Saving Ideas During ShortageAsia’s Heartbeat Arirang News put together a video and short article about energy saving tips during an energy shortage. They gave several recommendations to postpone daily chores and avoid peak day time hours, and also reminded business owners that the power being used in an office when no one is there is oftentimes more power than any single family home due to computers and other devices being left on.

Four Ways to Start an Energy Makeover – The Bonney Lake Sumner Courier-Herald gave readers four easy things to think about when planning a cheap home energy makeover: clean filters, plug leaks, invest in insulation, and swap out light bulbs. Check out their article for more details.

Hobbit-Like Homes Save Big Energy – The Weather Channel put together a list of earth-sheltered homes that save big energy – and although the homes look more like something out of a Tolkien novel, they make a strong argument about the benefits of using shade and natural resources to save energy.

VIDEO: High-Tech Homes that Save EnergyFox6News went to a high-tech home to show how the future is now – the home saved up to $266 per month with a solar panel unit and some smart technologies.

Arizona Casino Employee Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars for the Casino with Ideas That Could Also Work at HomeAn employee at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino came up with dozens of ideas to save energy, including an innovative change to their grease traps in the kitchen to save up to $12k per year. While many of his ideas are only applicable to a large casino, he made a lot of very helpful suggestions about keeping heat out of a room and saving energy with new and improved light bulbs.

Discovery Channel Profiles Nano-coated Windows – New technologies are continuing to advance the way windows keep the sun from heating up homes and offices. The Discovery Channel put together an article and video on the new nanotechnology for windows that was developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

New GE LED Light Bulbs Feature First Omni-Directional Light – Consumers have sometimes complained that incandescent bulb replacements have had poor light, or didn’t look the same as previous bulbs. General Electric just released a new omni-directional LED light; check out their press release with more detais.

Christian Science Monitor Ponders How Urbanization will Save Energy – Bahrat Chahar of the Christian Science Monitor wrote about the potential to focus energy saving initiatives in urban centers as populations continue to grow and how that could affect public transportation and other efforts to save energy.