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July 22, 2013 | By: 

Stop the Goblin

This week, we've got lots of great articles featuring new technologies and tips to save energy and money. As always, don't hesistate to let us know about anything you find by emailing us at

Refrigerators Costs Can Add Up Quick --- Have you ever thought about that “second fridge” you have out in the garage or utility room and wondered what it’s costing you? The Vinton Daily published an article about the costs of common appliances --  new fridges use up to 41% less energy than fridges made before 2000, and there are 10 million “second fridges” in places like garages or utility rooms that cost consumers an average of $1.62 billion yearly.

How Many Electronic Products Are Plugged-In At Your Home? ran an eye-opening piece about appliances and electronics at home. The average home has 24 electronic products plugged in, burning electricity throughout the day. Have you done an easy audit yet and seen what can be replaced or unplugged?

Saving Energy Starts With Your Windows – Everyone has heard it before, but if you spend a few minutes to look at your windows, you can probably find a few ways to save a lot of energy and money. covered some of the common things to think about: drapes should stay closed in hot hours of the summer and at night during the winter, window films can have a big effect if the windows face the sun most of the day, and simple caulk and weather stripping needs to be replaced if you see any cracks or breaks in them. And if you’ve got an unfinished basement, look for spider webs near windows – that indicates a draft that could be fixed with some caulking.

Five Inexpensive Home Technologies That Save Energy The blog Technology Digital covered some of the hottest technologies that help you save money at home.  From programmable thermostats, energy saving appliances, green power adapters, and automated home lighting, they made the argument that saving energy is anything but boring.

Tips for Traveling in the Hot Summer MonthsYork Region had some great tips this week to cut energy costs when you travel in the summer. Make sure to turn down your thermostat, unplug electronics, especially TV’s and computers, and close your curtains and drapes. Check out their article for other easy tips.

Cleaning and Optimizing Your A/C Can Save Energy and Money – Before you go out and call an A/C repairman, make sure you’ve taken a look at this great article from Channel 8 Wood TV in Michigan. It only takes a few minutes to make sure there are no obstructions near the A/C, you can use a hose to gently clean out the inside in case there are leaves or other debris, and if it’s in direct sunlight, that could also be causing problems. Plant a shade tree nearby and you could start noticing the difference inside!

Simple Ways to Save Energy at Home DepotTyler Ryan from the Fox News’ Midlands Connect went to a Home Depot and came up with a bunch of great ways to save energy and money with DIY projects. Take a look at the video and some of his easy weekend projects.

Ceiling Fans Only Save Energy in the Summer The Northlands Newscenter recently covered an often-confused topic – ceiling fans. While ceiling fans do help increase the circulation of a house, the wind chill effect is what most people are concerned with – and the facts show that a ceiling fan in a room can allow you to raise the temperature by four degrees without feeling a difference. In the winter, your heater won’t be affected by the wind chill effect, and it will actually have the opposite result, keeping you cooler when you are trying to warm up.

What a Family Learned from Building a Green House in South Africa – A family in South Africa set out nearly two years ago to begin building a one-of-a-kind house that met strict green standards that weren’t even in place yet in their country. The paper IOL Lifestyle wrote an interesting article about their trials and tribulations and some of the steps they took to ensure they were doing everything they could to save energy and use recycled materials.  

Graphine Potential Breakthrough for Green Technology – If you’re interested in learning more about how green technology will develop through chemistry, Business Green has an interesting article this week about graphine, which is a crystalline sheet of carbon just a single atom thick. Graphine has the potential to revolutionize solar panels and other materials to transfer heat and energy, and while the technology may be a ways off, it’s definitely an interesting new technology.