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10 Articles, 10 Ideas – Staying Productive, Saving Energy and Stopping Vampire Energy

August 5, 2013 | By: 

Stop the Goblin

This week, there continues to be a focus on how you can cut your energy bill in the Summer, and several great articles on how to stop vampire energy and make minor changes in your home that can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings per year.

Sustainablog Covered Five Ways to Save Energy This Summer – If you only look at one article this week, this blog post from Sustainablog hits on some of the easiest ways to save energy at home, including getting rid of phantom power, closing off areas of the house you rarely visit, use your grill more often, open windows a few other “out of the box” ideas. 

Home Energy Saving Tips from Vietnam Focus on Durability – A seven year old boy in Vietnam has become an energy-saving poster boy by explaining to people how little changes throughout a day can not only save energy, but ensure that appliances have a long life. Check out this inspirational article from Vietnamnet for more about this young energy saver.

Vampire Power by the Numbers – Living Green Magazine broke down exactly how much money vampire energy is costing you per year – a computer costs $34 per year, gaming stations cost about the same, a plasma TV costs up to $160 per year when it is TURNED OFF – and dozens of other appliances around the house are costing money by just being plugged into outlets. Check out their blog post for more details about how you can stop vampire energy.

Office Temperature Can Increase Productivity, Unless the Temperature is Below 68 wrote an eye-opening article about the effect of temperatures in an office and analyzed a study from the Helsinki University of Technology that showed a temperature of 71 degrees is ideal and that errors increase by 44% if the office temperature is below 68 degrees. They also covered how to optimize lighting and computer usage – all in all a great read for any office manager.

Syracuse University is Going RenewableYour News Now (YNN) in New York reported on big energy upgrades at Syracuse University, the campus is now going to have solar hot water panels on 20 buildings and anticipate saving 300,000 kilowatt hours per year. The effort was funded in part from a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority grant. 

Four Easy Ways to Save Energy with your Laundry – One of the easiest ways to save energy at home is to hang and dry your clothes outside, but if that isn’t an option, the blog Tele-Management put together a post with a few other considerations: make sure you don’t overload the washing machine, complete the spin cycle to ensure the dryer doesn’t have to work too hard, clean the filter regularly and make sure that there aren’t any obstructions in your dryer vent. Check out their blog post for more details.

Citizens Utility Board ED Highlights Low-Cost Energy Saving Ideas – David Kolata, the executive director of an energy watchdog in Illinois, gave a handful of great ideas to save energy at home, including the often forgotten rule to keep appliances away from your thermostat that could produce heat and trick it into running too long. Check out his editorial for more.

FACT CHECK: Does Leaving Fluorescent Lights On Save Energy? – The U.S. Department of Energy responded to a question from Live Science and corrected a mistaken belief that leaving a fluorescent light on saves energy, due to the power it takes to start it up. Check out the answer on their blog!

New Fireplaces Designed to Save Energy and Heat More Effectively – Smoke-free fire places are starting to gain traction as a great way to efficiently heat your home and save energy on central heating. The Cape News had more on this growing trend.

Fun Ways to Save Energy from the Miami Herald – Saving energy doesn’t have to be boring, or extra work – the Miami Herald highlighted several ideas on their website, including encouraging people to barbeque outside with a grill more often to keep their home from heating up with an oven, and encouraging people to use a dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes. Check out their story for more.

Update on the Windows That Cool ThemselvesGizmodo reported on the new technology that uses biomimetic energy and water to cool windows. The technology could someday be installed in houses to ensure that in the hottest times of the day, windows keep heat from transferring into the home.