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10 Articles, 10 Ideas – Save Money in August

July 29, 2013 | By: 

Stop the Goblin

It seems like everyone is trying to find ways to save energy in these hot summer months – and we’ve got lots of great articles and ideas this week, including a few that focus specifically on how to use technology to cut your energy bills.

Can the Nest Thermostat Save the World? – The Daily Beast covered the hottest green tech out there, the Nest thermostat. The thermostat programs itself, and according to a company executive, they have seen consumers save between 5% and 60% on their energy bills through the automation.

R&D 100 Awards Highlights the Top Energy Saving Technologies -- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to control how much light and heat can enter your windows? Or how a geothermal heat pump could cut costs by up to 65 percent? Take a look at some of the highlights from’s coverage of the R&D 100 for that and more.

Propane and Solar the Energy of Choice for Some Georgia FarmersSouthwest Farm Press interviewed several farmers in the Georgia area and reported on their big savings from switching from diesel engines to propane, one farmer reported saving nearly $8k per year. They also spoke at length about the big tax breaks for farmers looking to build out solar energy projects.

Making Summer the Season of Saving Energy and MoneySouth Coast Today covered a few common sense energy saving techniques that don’t get enough attention: like unplugging a cell phone charger when it’s not in use, replacing your air filters on a regular basis to ensure you’re a/c runs smoothly, and unplugging things like toasters, coffee makers and computers when they are not in use – which can save 10% - 15% on your monthly energy bill.

Zero Net Energy Home in Florida – Window Film Magazine reported on an effort in South Tampa, Florida to build a zero energy home. They used energy efficient windows, solar hot water systems, solar panels and solar powered attic fans, and low flow toilets. Check out their report for the details.

Do the Math to Figure Out How to Save Money – EiEiHome’s real estate blog put together a great article about the math behind smart energy saving decisions. For a 1600 square foot home, monthly energy costs in the summer and winter are typically about $150, but with a few changes to your home, you can add up energy savings to nearly $1k per year.

Six Energy Saving Tips from Maine – To stay cool, the Bangor Daily News put together a few things to consider to keep from heating your home, including: Remember that fans cool people, not rooms, use your windows to gain cool air in the evenings, use a right-sized air conditioner and use it right, use the oven less often, and consider turning down your water heater.

Incentives and Energy Saving in IndianaThe Greensburg Daily News reported on large scale efforts in Indiana called Energizing Indiana that have saved more than 600 million kilowatts of energy since launching. The effort includes incentives to switch to energy efficient light bulbs, weather-related efficiency improvements, and education programs.

North Dakota Making Big Energy Saving Changes – Wday News reported on a new Leadership Energy Efficiency (LEED) home being built by volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. The homes are being built for low-income families that will benefit from the dramatically lower energy bills. Check out their report for a video of the new energy efficient home.

Optimize Your A/C to Save Energy and MoneyThe Daily Green did a simple write-up on five ways you can save energy and money on air conditioning. Everyone knows that adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees can add up, but have you considered an annual checkup or ways you can clean your system?