About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is simple – we want to help people cut their energy use and save money. Simple changes can save hundreds of dollars per year for some families.

Initially, we plan to focus on how people can save energy at home. We know that driving energy efficient vehicles can make a big impact, as well as taking public transportation or just moving naturally. We’ll touch on those issues, but they are oftentimes more complicated. We want to make sure everyone knows how some minor changes at home can bring immediate savings.

From our own experience, we’ve seen how much children enjoy being a part of a family project. Saving energy can be fun, and we want families to get involved together. That’s also why we’ll be giving away technologies that we think will help not only save energy, but make kids more interested in green technologies and the science behind saving energy.

In the end, we hope Stop the Goblin makes some impact, albeit however small, in everyone’s attempts to save energy and the money we spend on energy.


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